D 7 Leadership Management Group
Target GroupCaptains, Senior Nautical and Technical Officers, Shore-based nautical staff
Course Duration3 days
Teaching MethodSeminar, simulator
PrefaceAn effective management group is always the key element of successful operations of projects. This course will help to increase performance and teamwork for gaining aims. This course provides leadership competency training for captains, senior nautical and technical officers and shore-based nautical staff. The training will be guided and moderated by one or two qualified trainers. The module-based training consists of a transfer of theoretical models and topics to give the trainee a general understanding of the leader's role and different leadership styles. Furthermore the training consists of multiple role-plays and case-studies to give each participant the possibility to transfer the knowledge to their own working environment. 
ObjectivesThe trainee will aquire and develop a knowledge and understanding of the demands and necessities for personnel with leadership responsibility within the maritime environment. Due to the interactional training style the participant will reflect and observe own leadership behaviour in order to develop a progressive and adequate leadership style .
  • Creation of a team.
  • Preparation for special tasks.
  • Enhance situational awareness.
  • Familiarization with special equipment or situations.
  • Increase effectiveness and success.
  • Avoid dangerous situations and dissolving problems. 
  • How to recognize strengths and how to optimize contributions to a successful team.  
  • How to recognize whether a team is a high performance team and how to make own contribution.
  • How to increase productivity of different employees.
  • How to deal with tension and conflicts and avoid negative impacts. 
  • How to create a climate of trust and appreciation and how to increase the willingness to perform.
  • Case studies.
  • Simulator excercises.
  • On request: special situation or equipment familiarization and adaption.
CertificateCourse certificate issued by MET.





The course is designated both for candidates for certification as officers (senior students) and for experienced officers and other persons with responsible duties within the maritime environment, such as pilots, inspectors, fleet managers etc.. Simulator areas, ship models, equipment training course duration and complexity depending on customers's requirements. Combination with other courses and topics feasable.   

Course AvailabilityUpon request
Course fee per person Upon request

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