D 2 Dangerous Cargo 

Target GroupNautical Officers, Captains, Ship Engineers, Nautical and Technical Superintendents, Port Authority Staff
Course Duration1 day
Teaching MethodSeminar
Compulsory CourseFor dangerous cargo handling officers
Legal FoundationsGGVSee § 4 Abs. 12, HAZMAT CFR 49
Legal ReferencesIMO Model Course 1.10
PrefaceCarrying hazardous materials and dangerous cargo on board of different types of vessels requires special knowledge about sensitive products, chemical properties and special safety precautions. Shorebased personnel dealing with similar subjects is included.
ObjectivesSubstantial knowledge of basic and advanced topics, safety precautions and handling techniques.
  • IMDG Code.
  • Handling, marking and labeling of dangerous cargo.
  • Stowage.
  • Special cargo handling equipment.
  • Chemical cargo properties and classification.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Emergency Schedule (Ems).
  • Medical First Aid Guide (MFAG).
  • Shore-based cargo handling and documentation.
  • HAZMAT regulations (incl. certificate).
  • GGV.
CertificateIMDG course certificate issued by MET.
CommentsCourse duration and complexity depend on customer requirements and participants state of knowledge. Combination with other courses and topics is feasible.
Course AvailabilityUpon request
Course fee per person275,- EUR (exclusive VAT)

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