A 5 Shiphandling Large Container Vessels

Target GroupCaptains, Nautical Officers, Shore-based nautical staff
Course Duration3 days
Teaching MethodSimulator, seminar
Legal ReferencesRawson/ Tupper - "Basic Ship Theory", Nautical Institute - "Ship Dynamics for Mariners", IMO Model Course 1.32 / 1.22
PrefaceOperating new containership designs of sizes over 10.000 TEU is a challenge, even for experienced mariners. Manoeuvering characteristics, behaviour and movements of floating objects of such sizes can not simply be referenced linearly to existing vessels. For safe handling and operating these vessels extensive preparation and training is necessary and essential. Theoretical hydrodynamic basics have to be transferred in applicable and practical knowledge to support captains, pilots and officers in decision making and shiphandling skills. Excercising these skills in extreme, uncommon but realistic scenarios is of eminent importance and exclusively practicable in a simulator.
ObjectivesBasic skills: basic shiphandling theory and hydrodynamics.
Advanced skills: Practical shiphandling in complex and difficult situations.
  • Basic and advanced shiphandling theory linked to practical applicability and vessels' size.
  • Hydrodynamic effects: bank, suction, channel and vessel interaction.
  • Calculation of external forces: wind, current, bollard pull.
  • Propulsion and resistance forces.
  • Operations and precautions in heavy seas.
  • Parametric resonance phenomena.
  • Tug handling.
  • Shallow waters and squat effects.
  • Berthing, unberthing, anchoring and mooring operations.
  • Manoeuvering excercises on different large container vessels in moderate and extreme conditions.
CertificateSH-LC course certificate issued by MET
CommentsSimulation sea areas, ship models and additional requirements can be adjusted with customer. Combination with other courses and topics is feasible.
Course AvailabilityPermanent
Course fee per person 1.350,- EUR (exclusive VAT)

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