A 4 Enhanced Shiphandling

Target GroupNautical Officers, Captains
Course Duration3 days
Teaching MethodSimulator, seminar
Legal ReferencesNautical Institute "Pilotage & Shiphandling"/ Nautical Institute "Shiphandler's Guide"

Improving shiphandling and manoeuvring skills is substantial for professional mariners. Training these skills to a higher level in challenging and realistic scenarios will lead to increase efficiency and safety.

ObjectivesImprovement of shiphandling skills. Practice and knowledge about uncommon and complicated maneuvers. Improved situatioal awareness. Prepardness for dangerous maneuverings.
  • Emergency towing. 
  • Going alongside underway, adrift or at anchor. 
  • Difficult port entries. 
  • Mooring at mooring tons.
  • Anchor moorings. 
  • Stern berthings.
  • Shiphandling in congested waterways.
  • Shiphandling in bad weather.
CertificateSH-E course certificate issued by MET.
CommentsTraining areas, ship models to be adjusted with customer. Course duration and complexity depending on customer requirements and participants' state of knowledge. Combination with other courses and topics is feasible.
Course AvailabilityPermanent
Course fee per person 1.350,- EUR (exclusive VAT)

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