Voyage Data Recorder G4[e]

It’s not just a black box

Our products, like the famous VDR G4[e], are amongst the most widely used items in commercial shipping.
Voyage Data Recorder - alarm, radar, corridor tracking shown on mobile devices


A VDR has been mandatory since 2002. So why not make the most of it? Our development engineers turned a simple data collector and storage device into a smart data provider for third parties and a real-time monitor with off-track alarm on board and ashore. Detection of non-conformity between the real-time position and the corridor data will alert those in charge such as the DPA (Designated Person Ashore). The corridor tracking tool enables you to plan safe voyages and receive notifications in critical situations. For passage planning, a corridor within which the vessel is permitted to sail can be defined for the whole route. If the ship leaves the corridor, the online monitor transmits an automated alarm. In addition, our VDR functions as a data provider for our Fleet Operation Center, providing more safety for your vessels. Important information about radars, alarms, the position on the electronic chart, engine data, conning display and helm data is available at given intervals.

The INTERSCHALT VDR is known to be one of the most reliable systems on the market. More than 4,000 commercial vessels sail with our VDR on board, which is one hundred percent developed and made in Germany. As a market and innovation leader, you also benefit from our lump-sum service packages, which cover four annual performance tests (APT) by our certified engineers over five years including repair and travel expenses. This makes the INTERSCHALT premium-VDR a very cost-efficient system over its lifecycle.

NEW: INTERSCHALT’s next generation of the well-known VDR G4 system: INTERSCHALT VDR G4[e][e] stands for the enhanced version, fulfilling the latest IMO requirements that have come into force on July 1st, 2014. Retrofitting the VDR system with the INTERSCHALT G4[e] opens up a wealth of new technical possibilities, as the system is built on a modular and scalable basis.

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