Monitoring & Control

Intelligent technology meets advanced hardware

Intelligent monitoring and control systems helping to operate vessels in the most efficient way.
Monitoring and Control INTERSCHALT systems

MONITORING & CONTROL SYSTEMS – smart hardware, retrofits and original IS steinsohn spare parts

Although INTERSCHALT’s core business is moving towards software and service solutions, we still offer smart hardware devices which are often enough essential to a vessel’s safety and efficiency.


The modular designed INTERSCHALT Engine Order Telegraph System (EOT) is designed for the communication between bridge, engine control room and emergency operator station. It also serves for transmission of the command to the main engine remote control system.


In case of sudden incapacity of the Officer of the Watch the INTERSCHALT Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) takes over. Our personel alarm system for sea going vessels monitors automatically bridge activities and alerts other navigation officers if it detects OOW incapacitate.

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