Speeding up the planning process and increasing the vessel's utilization

It can take a good stowage planner several hours to create a cargo plan for each leg of a voyage. Schedules are tight, leaving no more time for optimization. Imagine a computer program that could assist the planner in this job in just 30 seconds.

StowMan's Stowage Assistant Manager SAM introduces a new stowage planning approach. The module contains an algorithm, replacing the time-consuming task of placing containers manually with an optimization engine that reduces the planning time dramatically. The planner can check more planning alternatives to develop an “almost perfect” plan based on flexible criteria. We call this a break through in rotation stowage planning, which will offer shipping line operators major savings in planning time and restow costs. It is a good example of our constant drive for innovation.

StowMan – 21st-Century stowage planning

Large shipping line operators use StowMan for their voyage cargo planning involving multiple ports. They benefit from our integrated systems on board, the SEACOS MACS3 loading computer and the stowage planning software StowMan ashore, using the same data to enable maximized cargo load while reducing planning time significantly.

The well-established StowMan is under constant development to make cargo planning more efficient, e.g. in terms of planning time, idle times in port and cargo rotations. Thanks to already implemented modules such as our trim-optimization module TROP, StowMan is today one of the most advanced stowage planning systems available in the market. It optimizes the vessel’s trim and replaces ballast water with cargo intake for increased vessel utilization.

Müller+Blanck Software

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