MACS3 Loading Computer

A standard in the shipping industry

Belco container management - longitudinal section shows containers, tanks and visibility lines


Cargo operations are a sensitive issue for every single vessel of your fleet. If vessel-specific stability and stress criteria are ignored when loading cargo, the ship might capsize, break up or twist. Protect your assets from damage or loss by choosing a loading computer that is type-approved and certified for on-board use by all major classification bodies. MACS3 (also known as SEACOS) has firmly established itself in the international market over the last 25 years with a market share of over 65%, offering solutions for all types of vessels.

MIXSTOW Module - For More Efficient Stowage of General Cargo and Steel Coils

The MixStow module offers a wide range of advanced features. Thanks to a newly enhanced data structure, the module ensures a better visualization for planning the onboard load. 

DAGO I Module - Amendment 38

As of January 2018 the IMDG amendment 38 become mandatory onboard and valid only. If your vessels are still equipped with an older version of DAGO I module, it is now high time to upgrade it accordingly.

We offer the update to amendment 38 of DAGO I module for all container vessels operating with the loading computer MACS3.

TROP Module - Trim Optimization

The Trim Optimization Module TROP is an integrated part of the MACS3 Loading Computer System.

The TROP Module helps the user to optimize the trim and draft of the vessel with respect to main engine power and fuel efficiency. This is done by changes in ballast water, but the TROP module also gives  information about the current fuel efficiency during the planning process and replaces ballast water by cargo.

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