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BLUETRACKER HULL MONITOR - Data-driven Decision-making for the Best Scheduling of Maintenance Activity and its Effect on the Ship’s Energy Efficiency Performance

The Bluetracker hull monitor is a performance module that enables ship owners and managers to monitor, track and analyze the evolution of a vessel's hull performance over time. 

Providing data-driven performance benefits that help to improve the energy efficiency and to untapp saving potentials is an important competitive edge for vessel operators. The hull monitor supports by:

  • tracking the degradation of the hull performance, especially after mechanical damages
  • predicting future hull and propeller maintenance events
  • assisting with maintaining good charter performance
  • delivering increased transparency analysis regarding the performance claims of fuel-saving coating providers
  • determining the impact of idle periods on hull performance

The hull monitor is designed in accordance with ISO 19030 and provides all filter and correction methods, Depending on the kind of data collection (automatically or manually) the hull monitor is compliant with standard or alternative methods of ISO 19030.




Find answers to your burning questions regarding the ISO 19303 and the Bluetracker hull monitor module. 
Learn more about hull monitor background and software features.
Download the hull monitor flyer and other Bluetracker flyers and brochures.


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