1. What can Bluetracker software do for our company in terms of MRV?

Designed in compliance with EU MRV regulations, the Bluetracker MRV module facilitates collecting data and automatically generating emission reports.

With its ability to check all incoming data for plausibility in real time and automatically send notifications of any inconsistencies, the Bluetracker MRV module stands apart from other solutions.

The module enables ship managers to drill down in each report detail in the dashboard to identify root causes of problems and take corrective action to ensure accurate reports.

2. How does the data validation engine work?

Daily reporting data is checked against ship-specific reference data to determine if this lies within a predefined range. It is then cross-checked against plausibility. For more details, please refer to the Bluetracker MRV blog.

3. How can ship operators identify inaccurate data?

In the MRV dashboard, inaccurate data is indicated by color. In addition, the module automatically generates an email calling for immediate action. Root causes of problems can be identified using the drilldown functionality on the dashboard. In this way, ship owners and managers can ensure highly accurate reports.

4. When will the ship operator receive information about inconsistent data?

When incoming data is inconsistent, ship operators are informed in real time with a visual indication and optional email notification.

Visual indication: In the MRV dashboard, inaccurate data is indicated by color. In addition, the module automatically generates an email calling for immediate action. Root causes of problems can be identified using the drilldown functionality on the dashboard. Ship owners and managers can ensure highly accurate reports.

Email notification: In the module’s settings, users can add multiple email addresses for notification.

5. What validation rules does the product have?

Adhering to industry standards, our team of naval architects and nautical and technical engineers has created more than 100 different plausibility checks to ensure high-quality, highly accurate data.

6. Which monitoring method does the Bluetracker MRV module support?

The Bluetracker MRV module is designed to cover method A, B and C of the EU MRV regulation.

7. When will the product be available?

The MRV module is available. Request a trial.

8. Why hasn’t Navis assumed verifier responsibilities?

As a vendor of maritime software, we specialize in designing software that transforms the inefficiency of processes into efficiency. We focus on executing the regulation and not on the verification process. According to the EU MRV regulation, the verifier must be independent. As a result, the vendor of an MRV solution cannot be the verifier.

9. How many verifiers are there?

At present, the accreditation process is not yet finished. Please visit our list of verifiers.

10. Why doesn’t Navis limit its work to groups of verifiers?

We work with all accredited verifiers the ship owner or ship operator has selected in compliance with the EU MRV regulation.

11. Can Bluetracker use the data from other reporting systems and is all MRV-related data included?

To the extent the data is in compliance with the MRV requirement, the Bluetracker MRV module can be combined with such existing reporting solutions using standard APIs.

12. Does the monitoring plan have to be submitted or approved by the end of August 2017?

The ship-specific monitoring plan has to be submitted by August 30, 2017, and approved by the verifier by the end of 2017.

We provide ship owners and ship managers a template of a monitoring plan. Download it here.

13. Does Bluetracker deliver the monitoring plan?

The EU Commission is providing a template of the monitoring plan. We support ship owners and operators when it comes to software-related descriptions. We provide a template of a monitoring plan on our homepage here.

14. What is included in the Bluetracker Manual Reporting solution? Just MRV or performance as well?

This solution does not include additional performance modules. In addition to MRV, this solution does, however, include basic modules like worldchart, company manager, team and member manager, data manager, and alert manager. For all collected data, generic plotting modules such as time and scatter plots as well as a report viewer and a reporting dashboard are also included.

15. What will happen with ships constructed or added to the fleet after 2019?

This has not yet been described in detail by the working group responsible for these items on behalf of the EEU.

We are in close contact to the members of the working group and will update you as soon as we receive any news.

16. Is the Bluetracker MRV solution certified?

Bluetracker MRV certified as "MRV ready" by DNV GL. 

17. Have considerations for exceptions related to search and rescue (SAR) operations been made in the MRV solution?

The MRV solution takes into account all EU regulations. Special cases are easily filtered out of the system.

18. What is the definition of "EU port"?

The regulation is valid for all ports in European Union member states, European Economic Area member states and EU outermost regions:

EU member states: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK including Gibraltar

EEA Member States: EU member states + Iceland + Norway

EEA outermost regions: Acores, Canary Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion and Saint Martin



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