Hull Monitor Module

Bluetracker Hull Monitor is a performance module that enables ship managers and operators to monitor, track and analyze the evolution of a vessel's hull performance over time. Read more

MRV Module

Bluetracker MRV generates MRV-compliant emission reports, whereby the incoming ship operation data is continuously verified in real time in terms of data plausibility and completeness. 

Read more


Good Seamanship 2.0 Fleet Performance Management", the brochure demonstrates how software promotes clear judgment with regard to ship operation data. Download


Bluetracker Manual Reporting is a smart reporting tool that not only simplifies manual data input on board while carrying out plausibility checks, it standardizes data across the entire fleet as well. Read more


Bluetracker Automatic is the onboard sensor-driven performance-data collection system, that strongly increases the data density and data accuracy of a vessel’s operation. Read more


Bluetracker Web application is the open window to your fleet’s performance management. Whether collecting the vessel’s performance data manually or automatically – the Bluetracker Web Application visualises them and provides them for benchmark analysis and 3rd-party reporting. Download

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