Bastian Gehnke

Using OData for custom analytics

Bluetracker One offers various APIs that allow other systems to interface with it. A open-source REST API enables developers, IT departments and other software vendors to create ships, upload performance reports, manage base data and much more. Read more
Bastian Gehnke


Sustained excess capacity, low charter rates, and growing environmental requirements for ever fewer charters are defining the framework under which ships must be brought into operation. It often takes days and weeks, along with numerous bidding loops on land, until an appropriate follow-up... Read more
Bastian Gehnke

Automated Feedback Loop: Keep Your Crew Involved

Analyzing data collected from a ship to obtain findings about vessel performance is carried out onshore. The crew onboard that actually operates the ship and reports values is seldom involved. Read more
Bastian Gehnke

Bluetracker Onboard Manual Reporting Client

Relieve your crew with a smart way to key in data for compliance reporting and performance analysis. Learn how here. Read more
Bastian Gehnke

One Model, two Applications - Additional Use of Reference Models

Trim optimization and hull performance monitoring represent a comparatively lower-cost way to minimize bunker costs and boost energy efficiency - with the help of reference models. Read more
Bastian Gehnke

How to Use Hull Mointor in Daily Operation - Dashboard Setup

To access the Hull Monitor module dashboard, open the Hull Monitor and click on Dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of the current KPI situation. Read more

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