Good Seamanship 2.0 - Best practice of analyzing fleet performance data

"Good seamanship" is the unwritten code of conduct for seafarers that serves to foster maritime safety and also now efficiency. As a rule, long-term navigational experience and good judgment are essential. Good judgment is the ability to assess risks and make clear-cut decisions as well as the right decisions. This not only requires proven practical experience, but also a deep understanding of the complexity and correlations of ship operations.

In the digital age, the ship operation data, which is continually gathered with the help of software, provides fact-based foundations for individuals to base their judgments on, which to date have been influenced more heavily by their own experience. This will help them to make the best decisions possible both in terms of troubleshooting and monitoring processes or recognizing typical data patterns. The "best practice" applications described in the brochure, including those from BestShip, the energy efficiency subsidiary of E.R. Schiffahrt, the tanker shipping company Ernst Jacob and other software users, all demonstrate this. It takes very little data to gain valuable knowledge that can help reduce wear and tear on machines and systems from incorrect practices as well as to save fuel and lube oils and, as a result, demonstrably lower CO2 emissions.

Manual performance monitoring: Bluetracker[express]

With Bluetracker[express] we offer a new performance monitoring tool that simplifies manual data entry on board the vessel, validates the data during entry, standardizes them fleetwide and visualizes them for benchmark analysis.

Automatic performance reporting: Bluetracker[automatic]

Bluetracker[automatic] is an onboard automatic vessel performance monitoring and reporting tool that collects data via standardized interfaces to the data sources. What makes Bluetracker [automatic] so special is the way in which it increases data density and data quality. 

Bluetracker Web Application

Bluetracker Web application is the open window to your fleet’s performance management. Whether collecting the vessel’s performance data manually or automatically – the Bluetracker Web Application visualises them and provides them for benchmark analysis and 3rd-party reporting.

Energy Efficiency Monitor Panel

The Energy Efficiency Monitoring (EEM) panel is an easy-to-use onboard display monitoring the vessel’s performance in real-time. Thanks to an integrated fleet-specific KPI benchmark system the EEM Panel allows the crew to take corrective actions and improve the vessel’s efficiency accordingly.

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