Software solutions



Bluetracker is one of the most powerful fleet performance management software. As a decision support tool, Bluetracker not only visually presents collected ship data manually or by means of a sensor, it also prootes a better understanding of operational performance data of a ship. Learn more about BLUETRACKER

MACS3 – Loading Computer

Cargo operations are a sensitive issue for every single vessel of your fleet. If vessel-specific stability and stress criteria are ignored when loading cargo, the ship might capsize, break up or twist. Protect your assets from damage or loss by choosing a loading computer that is type-approved and certified for on-board use by all major classification bodies. Learn more about MACS3 (formerly known as SEACOS)  


IS STOWMAN – 21st century stowage planning

Large shipping line operators use StowMan for their voyage cargo planning involving multiple ports. They benefit from our integrated systems on board (MACS3) and ashore (StowMan) using the same data to enable maximized cargo load while reducing planning time significantly. Brandnew: StowMan[s] - the ultimate paradigm change. Learn more about Stowage Planning

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