About Interschalt

Our biggest asset is our in-depth knowledge of your vessels and the maritime industry

Innovation and the steady will for change is the basis for sustainable growth even in times of crisis. Our solutions save time and money. And that’s what counts in commercial shipping.


Shipping companies are proud of their tradition, but markets have changed and so has business. INTERSCHALT represents part of the future of the maritime industry as we have built a value chain of solutions and services around the needs of ship owners and managers to make their businesses fit for future challenges.

But developing innovative solutions requires a lot of experience. INTERSCHALT has been engineering software products designed for the needs of our clients for 25 years. Another big asset is our in-depth knowledge of vessel technology – our original business lay in constructing engineering and automation solutions such as switchboards and consoles. We know the mechanical and electrical operation of a ship like the back of our hand. This intimate expertise helps us to develop high quality, innovative software and service solutions to make commercial shipping safer and more efficient. Last but not least, all our solutions are beneficial to the environment and support sustainability, e.g. by reducing fuel consumption.

Present in Asia

Our wholly owned partner companies in Asia secure our local presence in our core markets. IS SEACOS ASIA in Singapore provides quality products and reliable service for the maritime and offshore industry in the APAC region. 

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