Software meets service - towards a new level of efficiency. That is how INTERSCHALT positions today. In 2017, the INTERSCHALT Software division becomes part of Navis, and the INTERSCHALT Service division becomes part of MacGregor's customer service Global Lifecycle Support. 


The stowage planning software StowMan, onboard loading computer MACS3, vessel performance management software Bluetracker are efficient carrier solutions to streamline processes

Software Solutions

"We have built our value chain of smart software around the needs of ship owners and managers which allow them to operate their fleet more efficiently."  Benoit de la Tour, Managing Director

INTERSCHALT has been developing and delivering innovative software solutions to the shipping industry for over 30 years. We convert clients' ideas into products that benefit everybody in the industry. The efficient use of INTERSCHALT software solutions in the fields of vessel monitoring, fleet management, stowage planning, loading computer and trim optimizations helps ship operators and ship owners to optimize the costs of operating their vessels.

Service & Support - Is care 360°

Solution oriented flexibility makes the service difference.


"Service means putting oneself in the position of a client and having the strength to say "Let’s go for it" even beyond the terms of a contract." Rainer Twisterling, Managing Director

Service and support are the center of our strive towards sustainability. Our aim is total efficiency for your fleet and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 availability and 360° service on board in addition to shore-based maintenance with flat fees and transparent reporting. 


State of the art technology meets reality in tailor-made trainings


"The ECDIS Training was marvelous; a friendly, helpful and patient instructor was able to answer our questions before we asked them" Piers Edward Duncan Boileau-Goad, Second Officer in the service of Oceania Cruises and 2500th ECDIS course participant

The seamless operation of hardware and software, combined with human excellence, makes the difference in commercial shipping. In our Maritime Education & Training (MET) facility, professionals train your staff in amazingly real simulators and situations – so realistic that trainees forget it’s just a simulation.


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